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See the Terra-Trac24 in Action!

The Terra-Trac24, can be used in the primary phase of the land-leveling project, and provide you with the ultimate land-finishing tool. The Terra-Trac24 has been designed from the ground up, with automated machine control in mind. When combined with either a laser or GPS machine control system, you have a machine that is fast, effective and efficient. It will finish-level the land in no time flat, helping you reduce costs and meet deadlines easier.

The Terra-Trac24 is equally at home in small areas (1/2 acre) or large open areas (100+ acres). The operator has complete control of the wheel spacing so they can be narrowed up hydraulically from the operator station to approximately 7′ for close work and transporting, then widened out to approximately 12′ for greater stability in larger areas. The wings can be hydraulically raised to provide a less than 14′ overall width for ease in traveling from field to field or for loading onto a trailer. When lowered and locked into position, the wings transform the Terra-Trac24 into a 24′ wide machine capable of covering acres with speed and precision. With working speeds of up to 8 MPH, the Terra-Trac24 will give you a level of excellence not found with other land-leveling equipment.

For land that was leveled some time ago and is now ready to be brought back to that precision-level condition again, the Terra-Trac24 is the perfect equipment for the job. Its low maintenance and ease of operation means even a person with modest experience can be turning out high quality work in record time.

For the custom operator, you will find that the Terra-Trac24 will fit easily into your operation. It is capable of moving 12 cubic yards at a time and will keep the work area smoother for faster speeds for your other equipment. For customers expecting close tolerances and cost sharing programs demanding low yardage on the re-check survey, the Terra-Trac24 is the perfect machine for you!

Remember, flat work or sloping fields, the Terra-Trac24 will give you the “level” of performance you’ve been looking for.

The Terra-Trac24 is built by Manus Welding and Repair in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, which was recently awarded the Chamber of Commerce, “Agricultural Business of the Year – 2014.”



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