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My name is Jim Ragan,

owner/operator of Ragan Grading. I was born and raised on a farm in the rice producing area of northeast Arkansas. I’ve been in the land leveling and shaping business since 1975. In those early years, we used grade stakes and a sharp eye. Then when lasers came out and the machine control systems that came with them, we thought we were “uptown”. Grade stakes quickly became a thing of the past.

Now after years of doing the best we could with conventional land leveling equipment, i.e. buggies, pans, and scrapers, we are being asked to do an even better job due to water rationing, re-check survey requirements, and ever higher fuel prices. The desire to meet these ever increasing demands led me to develop the Terra-Trac24. I’ve owned the precursor to the Terra-Trac24 since early 1996. The modifications I’ve made to that model, plus some a good friend recommended, have all been combined into one superior machine, the Terra-Trac24. With the Terra-Trac24 you get my 30+ years of experience, plus years of design engineering from my good friend, John Holmes, as well as input from the shop where the machine is built.

I’ve had customers here in Florida say things ranging from “That machine leaves a field as smooth as a peeled onion” to “You could land a 747 jet plane on my field!” It does the job quickly and easily, and at 8,500 lbs., it puts its 24’ of working width to work for you.

I am very proud of the Terra-Trac24 and of the job it does for me. I believe you will be just as pleased with its performance as I am.

– Jim Ragan